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you would like to ask the rabbis? Boulder, CO: Rabbi Tirzah Firestone of Nevei Kodesh


Rabbi Tirzah Firestone

Rabbi Tirzah Firestone is our spiritual leader, as well as a renowned teacher, author and Jungian therapist. She speaks and teaches nationally on the topic of spirituality, ancient mystical wisdom for the modern soul, and the re-integration of feminine wisdom into the Jewish tradition. Reb Tirzah leads Shabbat services on the first and third Friday evenings of every month, all holiday services, Shabbat morning b'nei mitzvah services, Saturday afternoon Torah study emphasizing the wisdom of the Hassidic masters, and a variety of other classes and lifecycle rituals.

Reb Tirzah came back in 2004 with a new approach to spiritual leadership that incorporates lay-leaders who are trained to respond to the various needs of spiritual community, Bikkur Cholim, Lifecycle Rituals, Music, Davvenen, and Tikkun Olam. Reb Tirzah is also committed to bringing our younger members into leadership positions and guiding members to deeper practice, such as through our two-year adult b'nai mitzvah program (which began again this winter.)

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