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Ikar Registration - Boulder Haver


Registration is now open for the Boulder IKAR Class.

Tuition: $400
+$200 if a couple is taking the class
+$50 if you want a paper version of the Class Reader

To register please mail:

  1. A check made out to Haver, Inc.
    $400/ single student
    $450 if you want us to print out the Class Reader for you
    $650/ couple and print out of Class Reader
    Send to:
    c/o Har HaShem
    3950 Baseline Rd
    Boulder Co 80305

  2. A note with student’s name(s), email address, and phone number.

  3. Conversion Students:  Please include the name of the rabbi with whom you are studying. If you are not yet with a rabbi, tell us so we can guide you.